In the framework of the BlueMissionBANOS, a lighthouse project supporting the European Commission’s Mission Ocean “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030”, the 1st Mission Arena event was organised in Gothenburg, Sweden, from November 14-16th, 2024. The event served as a laboratory to explore innovative blue economy solutions in the Western Baltic (Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway) in line with the project’s aim to inspire, engage, and support stakeholders across the Baltic and North Sea to reach a carbon-neutral and circular blue economy.

The eight sub-goals and the actions shown in this document are the result of the discussions held in the 50+ workshops held during the Arena; culminating in the vote taken by the participants in the final Arena assembly on which of them are the most urgent. Hence the actions indicated behind each goal are shown by order to priority.

Discover 1st Mission Arena results, session summaries and presentations here.