BlueMission BANOS publications and deliverables

The BMB consortium gathers some of the most active research institutes, networks/clusters and funding agencies from the Baltic and North Sea sea-basin. Capitalizing on their past and ongoing activities, BMB partners will work with existing governance structures from regional up to transnational level within the BANOS area to design an effective, transparent, mutually-reinforcing interplay between them (WP2); support citizen engagement initiatives to align with the Mission’s objectives (WP3); accelerate the deployment of solutions through five innovation and demonstration cycles (WP4); develop a consistent monitoring framework to assess Mission performance including definition of baselines; key performance indicators and sources/methods to capture and analyse the relevant data (WP5); supported by a digital, interactive portal showcasing projects and services relevant to Mission deployment (WP6). To maximize effectiveness of available public and private funding opportunities and achieve critical mass for action, activities will be coordinated and communicated within BMB; including Lighthouse demonstrators, as well as with EU structures and EU wide projects (WP1).